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Employdrive is the only Bullhorn Marketplace
Partner that integrates seamlessly with
BOTH Bullhorn One and Bullhorn Onboarding!
We are also the only Payroll & HCM
Marketplace Partner that
EXCLUSIVELY works with Staffing Firms!
Placement data
automatically moves
from Bullhorn to
Employdrive, via
Is Employdrive the ONLY
Bullhorn Marketplace Partner
with the ability to send payroll
data back into Bullhorn?

Employdrive integrates seamlessly with BOTH Bullhorn One and Bullhorn Onboarding.

Combined, our team has over 50 years of experience working for and with Staffing firms.  We built our first integration with Bullhorn in 2009, and that integration still exists today in the form of Bullhorn Back Office and Bullhorn Onboarding.  We are Staffing experts, and understand the nuances inherent in Staffing workflows.  We’re the only Payroll and HCM vendor on the planet that connects to both Bullhorn One and Bullhorn Onboarding.


We know about late timecards and supplemental payrolls.  There is no such thing as late payroll, and you can run as many payrolls as you like with us.


We are the ONLY payroll services provider that focuses 100% on Staffing.  We know what you do for a living!


We provide White Glove Concierge level support.  5x more attention per customer than typical payroll services.


Fully integrated with Bullhorn One, Bullhorn ATS, and Bullhorn Onboarding.

Integration Details

  • Custom mappings to both Bullhorn ATS, Bullhorn One as well as Bullhorn Onboarding modules.
  • Pull new hire data from any Standard, or Custom fields in Bullhorn ATS.
  • Grab complete new hire data, (i.e. tax with holdings, Direct Deposit, Dependent Info, etc.) from Bullhorn Onboarding or Employstream.
  • Quickly and Easily approve all integrated placements in our Pending New Hire Dashboard.
  • Quickly and Easily import pre-configured time & expense files from Bullhorn Back Office and Bullhorn One.
  • Easily export payroll data into your GL.
  • The Employdrive team understands Staffing, and more importantly we have deep experience with Bullhorn ATS, Bullhorn One, Bullhorn Back Office and Bullhorn Onboarding.
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